New BMW 5 series

Since its inception in 1916, BMW has become a brand that is synonymous with luxury, beauty, and class. Vehicles that bear the BMW standard often outdo their automotive rivals in performance, speed, and appearance.

Some of the most noteworthy BMW vehicles come directly from the company's midsize luxury sedan series. Its most recent generation of the 5 Series in particular showcases the design and specifications that have become hallmarks of BMW's newest midsize luxury sedans on the market today.

BMW 5 Series Background

The BMW 5 Series was introduced in 1972 and today includes six generations of cars. The first generation was made from 1972 until 1984. Since then, the company has gone on to create five other generations of its 5 series line of cars.

The sixth and most current generation of the 5 series appeared on the market in 2009 and continues to be manufactured today. The cars in this series are made in BMW's native Germany as well as countries like Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa. All of the sedans in this sixth generation come with four doors while the Gran Turismo sedan also comes with an hatchback door.

The sixth generation of the 5 series for BMW was designed by Jack Frohlich. The cars in this generation most notably have wider wheelbases and lack certain features like the so-called Bangle Butt found on cars in previous 5 series generations.

For all of this generation's luxurious design and high-tech features, it still tends to be widely appraised as conservative and not quite as sporty as previous generations of the 5 series. Still, industry critics do appreciate that the series offers cars with diesel engines as well as those that run on standard petrol.

As noted, the BMW 5 series consists of the standard sedan as well as the Gran Turismo. They both share numerous similarities in design and performance but also differ in several key ways.

The BMW 5 Series Sedan

The BMW 5 Series sedan is a four-door vehicle that has an MSRP of $52,500 or greater. It is one of the most fuel efficient sedans on the road today, getting 26 miles to the gallon for city driving and an impressive 38 miles to the gallon for highway driving.

This sedan measures 93 inches long by 73 inches wide by 58 inches high and weighs between 3800 to 4500 pounds on average. It has a V-8 turbocharged, three liter inline, 240 to 455 horsepower engine.

It offers up to 14 cubic feet of storage and comes with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed M-DCT dual clutch transmission. Capable of seating up to four passengers in addition to the driver, this car features a classic yet sporty sedan appearance.

Its safety technology is anything but standard, which makes it one of the most fun if not safest vehicle to take out on the road today. Some of its more impressive high-tech safety features include its:

Blind spot monitoring Lane departure warning system Xenon headlights with automatic high beams Night vision with pedestrian detection

These features combined with the sedan's roomy interior and generous cargo space make it the perfect family car. Its sporty good looks and impressive handling features likewise make it ideal for people who want the luxury and reliability that comes with owning a high-quality sedan.

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

Like the sixth generation 5 series sedan, the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo boasts a fuel efficiency of 26 MPG for city and 38 MPG for highway driving. Unlike its series counterpart, however, the Gran Turismo is available with a 24-valve turbocharged diesel engine that has 255-HP capabilities.

It is also slightly bigger than the sedan, measuring at 196 long by 74 inches wide and 61 inches high. This five-door hatchback also retails for a suggested MSRP of $69,000 or more and has an eight-speed manual transmission.

Made entirely in Dingolfing, Germany, the 5 series Gran Turismo in this sixth generation of vehicles from this brand also comes with a variety of impressive safety features. These high-tech capabilities include:

  • A trip computer
  • Systems monitoring
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Smart device integration
  • Perimeter alarm
  • Engine immobilizer

The Gran Turismo also comes with ample lighting for safety and convenience. You can find lighting in the car's cargo space, front and rear map areas, and the trunk and hatch. The vehicle also comes with five 12-volt DC power outlets as well as a day and night auto adjusting rear-view mirror.