How To Clean A BMW Leather Car Seat

You just bought a brand new BMW car, and you want to maintain its leather interior clean always. Wondering how best to maintain it? This is what you need to do!

Leather seats have been used in vehicles for some time now. They are also a sign of luxury and a posh lifestyle. No wonder you have them in your BMW car. Furthermore, leather seats are more resistant to stains when compared to seats covered in other fabrics. The abrasive quality of built-up dirt brings wear on leather services. If you ignore leather care, the surface finish will become dull and cracks will start forming. 

Have a look at some of the tips that could guide you on how to clean the leather seats in your BMW;

Using a spray leather cleaner: This is the least aggressive method that you can use in cleaning your leather car seat. You need a clean dry towel and the leather cleaner.  •    Spray the leather cleaner on a small section of the seat •    Wipe it with a clean microfiber towel •    Ensure you apply medium pressure on the seat

If the stain has not been removed by this technique, you can use a soft bristle brush to gently clean and lift the dirt into the cleaning foam. Ensure you spray the leather cleaner on a small section and scrub until it forms a white foamy lather while ensuring that the foam does not dry since it will redistribute the dirt back onto the seat after this, you should immediately scoop the lifted stain using a towel. After this fast, safe and easy method, your leather car seat will be clean. You can repeat this process after every two weeks. You can visit to view a guiding video and gain access to more information on how to keep your leather seats clean.

Vacuum the seats

There can also be a need that your seat needs to be cleaned using a vacuum hose. You can use a vacuum hose and attachment to suck up any large particles of dirt on the seat. You need to first open the seams of the seat with your fingers. As you vacuum out the dirt, do it gently. A wet-dry vacuum is also appropriate in ensuring that the seat is well cleaned. In the case of some cracks appearing on the leather seat, it is advisable that you use an air compressor to blow out any dirt trapped in between the seat cracks. Any particles trapped in these tight areas will always act as an abrasive as you get into the driver seat every time. It is advisable to always use the least aggressive method to clean your BMW leather car seat.

Use an interior scrub pad

The interior scrub pad can be said to be the most aggressive method you can use in cleaning your BMW leather seat. When using the interior scrub pad there is a requirement of utilizing light to medium pressure in order to get the best results. 

You will need to follow a simple process: •    Apply the cleaner on your leather seat •    Scrub the leather very gently •    Apply a leather conditioner to the area you have cleaned. This is to ensure that you avoid premature cracking.

Some of the air conditioners you can use include leather honey conditioner, BMW leather care set amongst others. You can choose a leather conditioner that befits your car.

When using this procedure, you must proceed with uttermost caution lest you do your car seat a lot of damage. You need to rub softly to avoid rubbing away the color of the leather seat. The age and specific type of leather will determine its strength and vulnerability while using the scrub pad technique to clean your car seat. You can visit for more videos that will guide you on cleaning your car. The other caution you have to take is on ensuring have and crack-free leather seat. This is another major way of maintaining the resell value of your BMW car. 

It is very important to keep your car seats clean and well maintained. By doing this, you will ensure that your BMW retains its value and remain in good shape for a long time.