How To Clean A BMW Interior

Cleaning your cars’ interior enhances your health and that of your passengers. Additionally, it also makes your car look great. A thorough BMW interior cleaning is a process that takes close to an hour. While doing your cars’ interior cleaning, you should be cautious with the water inside. If the water is uncontrolled, it could cause problems if it gets into contact with the electrical components inside the car. Likewise, while doing your BMW interior cleaning, you should not allow water to get beneath your carpets, and do not soak your car seats too much; it could cause a moldy smell, stains, and corrosion. Always ensure that your cars’ interior is dry after the cleaning process. The following ways can be used to perform complete BMW interior cleaning.


Start by taking off the floor mats, and vacuum them separately. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets, and the seats. Reach around the pedals, beneath the seats, and the area between the center console and the front seats using a proper accessory. Vacuum the doors, center console, seats, and the dashboard using a soft brush attachment. While doing this, you should be alert not to damage the sticking parts, vents, and knobs. Be watchful not to damage the leather seats with the vacuum hose while performing your BMW interior cleaning. This process should be done with caution because leather seats scratch easily.

Cleaning car leather seats

It is recommended that you use a good cleaning agent specifically meant for cleaning leather seats as they are very delicate. When washing your car leather seat, shifter knob, and steering wheel using different products, you should be careful because some make the leather more sticky or slippery, while some make it shinier. Further, you should not use paper towels to wash your car leather seats to avoid leaving scratches. Instead, use a clean, soft cotton cloth. Ensure that your steering wheel is not slippery if you have considered using leather care products on it before you drive.

Cleaning the door upholstery, and fabric seats

Reach the upholstery, and spray it evenly using an appropriate upholstery cleaning agent. Vigorously rub the upholstery, and use a dry soft cloth to wipe it once the unwashed spot is off. Using the same method, clean off the dirt from the door upholstery, and the fabric seats. In the case that you lack the required upholstery cleaning agent to do your BMW interior cleaning, you can also work with a regular washing detergent. Mix up the laundry detergent with warm water, and dip into it a clean, soft cloth. Squeeze out the material to make it barely moist, and clean the dirty spots. Once done, use a soft dry cloth to wipe out the area.

Cleaning the interior plastic, and the dashboard

Use a clean cloth that is barely moist to clean the center console, dashboard, and other interior parts made of plastic. Stains can be removed through the addition of a small amount of washing detergent mixed with water. When done, dry the parts cleaned with a polish for plastic to make it shiny, or you can also use a clean, soft dry cloth. To always protect and shield your dashboard, regularly polish it using a good polish. This not only makes the dashboard last longer but also look unstained and shiny.

Cleaning the carpet

The carpet can be cleaned in the same way the upholstery, and fabric seats are cleaned using the same laundry detergent solution. Spray the carpet with a cleaning agent evenly. Next, rub the dirty spots one at a time. When done, dry the carpet using a dry cloth. Additionally, do not soak the carpet in too much water, it will result to the carpet having moldy smells, and cause corrosion beneath the carpet.

Cleaning the windows

To finalize your BMW interior cleaning process, you should clean all the windows in your car from the inside, and outside with a glass-cleaning towel, and a window-cleaning spray. Be careful not to damage the cars’ window defogger grid while cleaning the window from the inside as it is easily damaged. To ensure that damages to the windows are minimized, you should use a parallel to defogger lines motion while doing the cleaning.