How To Clean A BMW Engine

There are no greater vehicles than a BMW when it comes to a solid engine design. Combining incredible torque and power with a well-balanced, powerful machine, BMW engines are known for their robustness and vitality. These machines come out of the factory nearly perfect, hence why a BMW is an incredible choice for a vehicle.

Over time, it is no secret that engine bays can become excessively dirty from grime and debris under the road, not to mention drips from fluids such as oil or power steering fluid. When hoping to preserve and maintain your incredible BMW engine, along with maintenance and upkeep, it is a wise idea to clean out an engine bay and underneath an engine to keep the undercarriage of your vehicle protected for time to come.

When cleaning an engine bay, there are a few ways to attack this process. Some are more intensive than others, but overall it matters not which method used, but the satisfaction gained when making your BMW engine shine again. It is considered good practice to remove plastic protective covers to get to trouble spots, and use flashlights to peer into dark spots to gain perspective. Also, the more exposed the engine bay, the greater the means in which to clean. Therefore, if ever removing the engine out of the bay for whatever reason, it is wise to clean the bay before reinstall.

Power Washing With Water

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This method is certainly one of the most powerful methods, but can come with a cost. Since using water, it can have the possibility of compromising some of the electrical pieces inside of the bay. When using a power washing method, make sure to disconnect the positive and negative terminals of your battery, and use plastic bags to cover electrical connections and spaces like the air intake. It is not necessary to go full blast on the bay. Just take your time and spray where most of the dirt is concentrated, and over time it should be shining like new. Work back to front, and make sure not to flood spaces with water. Doing this on a hot day helps with drying, as a rag can not always remove every bit of water. This method can also be combined with a brush to scrub off dirt, especially in corners and edges that a hose cannot get as well.

Brake Cleaner and Rag

This method is more of a "by hand" technique, combining an incredible cleaner known as brake cleaner to melt dirt away from the undercarriage. This cleaner is friendly to the environment and is not harmful when used correctly. The cleaner is acetone based, and dries up immediately after used. It can either be applied to a rag and used to wipe pieces off, or liberally sprayed. Another good combo with brake cleaner is compressed air. Once the cleaner is on, the compressed air brings enough force to spray dirt and debris off, restoring shine and finish to pieces of your vehicle.

Steam Cleaning

This method requires special equipment and can be done by professionals, but overall is more than likely the best best for receiving the best results for cleaning. Steam presses into all the nooks and crannies inside the bay, combined with soapy water and degreaser to cleanse all of the dirt out. Allow to dry, and the bay should look just as good as new.

Overall, these means accomplish the same thing, just use different methods to get there. Whatever method you choose to clean your BMW engine, a few things are certain. Take your time, protect sensitive pieces, and use good judgement when cleaning.