How To Clean A BMW

Cleaning your BMW is not the same as cleaning an ordinary vehicle. Keep in mind that a BMW is a luxury vehicle and most of its parts are sensitive. It doesn't mean that everything in BMW is less durable. In fact, every part is high quality, and therefore, expensive. This is actually the reason why you need to be careful in cleaning your BMW.

Although there is nothing wrong in driving by any car to the car wash in your town, the risk of scratch or electrical malfunction is high because not all car washes specialize in cleaning luxury vehicles. If you can't find one of these places, you must do it yourself. All you need is to know how to properly clean your BMW. Nevertheless, there is nothing special in it as the key is to be careful.

Here are some tips you can try for cleaning your BMW:

Body Wash

If the body of your BMW car is still clean but looks dirty, you have to rinse off the dirt by washing it with running water. You don't have to use a power hose or spray to wash the body of your BMW car. A garden hose will suffice. What you should do is to lightly shower the surface while you gently rub a clean soft cloth or towel.

You don't need to wash it with soap if the dirt is easily removed by simple spraying and rubbing. Only apply soap in areas where the stain is not removed by spraying and rubbing.

Make sure you wash the body of your car in a shaded area. This is because the dirt that should be wiped off after drying will stick to the surface when exposed to sunlight. This may leave some dark spots on the paint. After drying, rub the body gently using a clean dry microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the Interior

Leather seats can be cleaned with a damp towel by gently wiping it down and drying it with a microfiber cloth. Afterward, apply some leather conditioning products to keep the leather in good condition.

For the dashboard, rub it with a damp towel. To clean the floor:

Remove the mats and vacuum.


  • Clean the mats outside by spraying them with water.
  • Wash them with soap, and have a full blast spray on them.
  • Dry them and put them back inside when you are done vacuuming the interior.


Check the tires if there is debris as it can damage other surfaces when washed with water. You can use a pressurized water hose to wash the wheels. Afterward, set the spray to lightly shower or sprinkle. Spray this on the wheels while applying some soap. After cleaning them with soap, wash it with power spray but not at full blast to prevent the soap from hitting other surfaces. Dry the wheels and apply some tire black to help keep your tires shinny.


Your BMW provides you with comfort and convenience. It offers you VIP treatment, so it also deserves to be treated well when you clean it. Not all cars are the same and the way you clean other cars may not apply to BMW cars. Because of this, it's a must you know how to clean your BMW car the right way. This will not only help you save money from parts replacement or repairs, but will also maintain your car's high value.